Jelgava Palace is being managed by the Latvia University of Agriculture which owns 10 Dormitories. Eight of them are located in the city centre and two of them in the residential area of the city. If there are vacancies then the guests of Jelgava Palace can use any of the Dormitories as a place of stay for one night or longer.


After extensive renovations Dormitory No.8 is our most modern and comfortable student Hostel in Jelgava. Price for one nigh per person in a double room (18 square meters) is 13 EUR.

  • –  Rooms in the Dormitory No.8 are furnished, they fitted with two beds, a table, a fridge, closet with a mirror and a bathroom;
  • –  Each floor has two very spacious kitchens with chairs, big tables and all the necessary household appliances;
  • – Hostel has a laundry room which is equipped with five Professional washing machines and dryers;
  • –  Hostel manager holds vouchers for the use of free Wi-Fi in the Dorms.

Dormitory No. 8 has four separate rooms (36 square meters) which hold more spacious living space; they have their own kitchen, closet, bathroom, etc. Fee per person per night is 20 EUR, per person per month 402 EUR.

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If you wish to learn more information about the reservation of rooms in the Dormitory No. 8, please contact the Manager Ms. Vanda Karlinska. Phone number: +371 29174995

Rent in the Dorms No, 1., 2., 4., 5., 6., 9., and 10.:

  • –          For a month – starting from 80 EUR per person;
  • –          For a day – starting from 6 EUR per person.

Contact information for Dorms :