Letter workshop of Duchess Dorothy

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Jelgava palace is a secretive place, for centuries it has been entwined by legends. Many noble families have lived in the palace and it has experienced many beautiful and not so wonderful times. Palace walls are keeping memories of unfulfilled, passionate and genuine love. Palace residents who felt love in their heart and butterflies in their stomach laid out their feelings on paper. This is how letters and poems dedicated to loved ones came to be.

Jelgava palace offers exclusive opportunity for groups or wedding parties to organize theme events with the Duchess Dorothy of Dino. This is an entertaining and educational program where the Duchess Dorothy of Courland and Semigalia will allow you to enter in the spirit of the 19th century, learn about the secrets of calligraphy, and prepare a handwritten surprise to your loved ones by sending a personalized letter sealed by a sealing-wax.

Museum director – Ginta Linīte: “Nowadays a perfected handwriting is rare, because everyday correspondence mostly takes place online and the thought of the written word is not looked upon as a value. However, the high society ladies of 19th century from early youth until their death loved to “chat in letters” with their friends and relatives which were far away from them.”

When arriving to the workshop, guests will be met by Duchess Dorothy. Duchess Dorothy will show the guests the proper way how to fold up an envelope which later will be sealed with sealing-wax.

Creative workshop “Letters of Duchess Dorothy in the atmosphere of 19th century” – as a creative workshop for a group starting from 15 people – 3 EUR per person; – as a part of a wedding programme – 30 EUR for the newlyweds.

Groups, please apply at least 3 days before the event.

Phone +371 63005617 E-mail: muzejs@llu.lv

NB! Duchess Dorothy in the event may be different than the lady in the pictures.