Hot chocolate in the residence of the Duke

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Already in 18th century chocolate drink was being enjoyed in all of the royal households of Europe. This sweet cocoa was specially favoured by the King of England, King William the III. In 1699 he ordered to build a chocolate kitchen in the palace of Hampton where the greatest masters had the pleasure of making hot chocolate for the Royal family.

Hot chocolate is being offered to the Jelgava palace guests who, after visiting the museum, wish to stay longer in the wonderful baroque building and fully enjoy its atmosphere in the presence of a Duchess. And newlyweds and their guests can enjoy hot chocolate with a special program just for them. While enjoying the drink that was very loved by kings and queens, guests will have the opportunity to learn more about the secrets of the building of the Jelgava palace, advantages and disadvantages of being a Duke and some of the University’s student adventures.

The special recipe for Jelgava palace 21st century Chocolate drink was developed by the scientist of Latvia University of Agriculture Faculty of Food Technology – Gita Krūmiņa-Zemture. Enjoy the exclusive hot chocolate drink of Jelgava palace together with family, friends and colleagues.

Gourmet program “Hot chocolate with fruits in the residence of the Duke’’ – as an offer for a group of tourists starting from 20 people – 4 EUR per person; – as an offer for newlyweds and their guests starting from 20 people – 4 EUR per person

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