Wedding Offers


 Would you like to feel like a prince and princess in your wedding day? Choose Jelgava palace as your wedding venue or one of your wedding trip stops so one of the most beautiful days of your life stay in your memory forever.


The palace that was built in the 18th century holds bright and spacious ballrooms, a big rose filled yard and a scenic park. All of these sites are great for a wedding ceremony, for your first dance, to enjoy champagne or hot chocolate with your guests or any other activity to congratulate the newlyweds.


The unforgettable wedding adventure can begin with a carriage ride into the palace yard, as it was once done by the duke and his guests.

Jelgava palace museum offers:

  • – to organize the wedding ceremony in the Jelgava palace yard or the Silver hall;
  • – to dance your first dance and enjoy champagne in the Silver hall;
  • – to enjoy hot chocolate and fruits in the company of the Duchess of Courland;
  • – to write love letters and receive advice in love from Duchess Dorothy;
  • – to photograph or film in the Jelgava palace or Jelgava palace yard;
  • – to ride into the Jelgava palace yard in a horse drawn carriage or by a car;
  • – to release Love Doves in the Jelgava palace yard;
  • – the welcome program of the newlyweds with the duke, duchess and/or dukes court and a musical or poetry performance.