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Karstā šokolāde

Already in the 18th century all the royal families of Europe used chocolate. This cocoa sweetness was especially appreciated by King William III of England, who in 1699 built a chocolate kitchen in Hampton Court, in which the honor of preparing hot chocolate for the royal family was given only to the most outstanding masters.

Hot chocolate is offered to guests of the Jelgava Palace, who, after visiting the museum, wish to fully experience the baroque atmosphere in the company of a modern court lady in a pleasant mood, and for newlyweds and their guests - with a program suitable for a wedding.

While enjoying this popular royal drink you will also be able to learn the secrets of the Jelgava Castle construction, the advantages and disadvantages of dukes' life, as well as the tales on students’ adventures.

A special recipe of the 21st century hot chocolate drink of the Jelgava Palace was developed by Gita Krumina-Zemtura, a researcher at the Faculty of Food Technologies of the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies. Let’s try the exclusive hot chocolate of the Jelgava Palace - both with your family, friends as well as with colleagues!

Gourmet program "Hot chocolate with fruits at the Duke's residence"

  • as an offer for a group of tourists from 20 people - 5 euros per person.
  • within the framework of the wedding program for a group from 20 people - 5 euros per person.

Registration in advance is required by writing to or by calling 63005617.