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Kāzu piedāvājums

The baroque palace built in the 18th century has spacious and bright rooms, a courtyard with plantations of roses, and a picturesque park. These venues are perfect for a wedding ceremony, for the first waltz, for enjoying champagne and hot chocolate with guests, or for any of the diverse traditions of meeting a young couple. You can also start an unforgettable wedding adventure in Jelgava Palace by entering the palace in a horse-drawn carriage, like the duke, his entourage and guests.
Jelgava Palace offers:

  • to organize a wedding ceremony in the courtyard of the Jelgava Palace or in the Silver Hall,
  • to dance the first waltz and raise glasses of champagne in the Silver Hall,
  • to enjoy hot chocolate and fruit in the company of the Duchess of Courland,
  • to write love letters and receive personal advice from Duchess Dorothea.
  • to take a photo or video in the courtyard or in the premises of the Jelgava Palace,
  • to enter the courtyard of the Jelgava Palace in a horse-drawn carriage or car,
  • to release pigeons of love into the skies from the courtyard of the Jelgava Palace,
  • a program of welcoming a new couple by the Duke, Duchess and / or courtiers, as well as a musical or poetry performance.

Feel like a prince and princess on your wedding day! In order for one of the most beautiful days of your life to leave wonderful memories, we invite you to choose the Jelgava Palace for your wedding ceremony or wedding stop.

Get to know the stories of the newlyweds about the Jelgava Palace, as well as admire galleries of wedding photos.

Registration in advance is required by writing to or by calling 63005617.