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Monika un Deivids
Monika un Deivids
Monika un Deivids

Wedding photographer: Vilnis Sluka.

Our story began in the summer of 2018. Although we were both born and grew up in Jelgava, our paths did not cross for over 20 years, until in one summer we met first time. And it is noteworthy that in Jelgava - although David did not live here for some time and I as well was a rare guest on the streets of Jelgava as I was often away due to work. We met at «Melno Cepurīšu Balerija» and quite by accident - my cousin took me there, and David dropped by to see what’s happening. However, that evening was not decisive, and we did not meet for another half a year. David called and called me on dates, but I never had time. But in the winter of 2019, we met. We fell in love with each other, enjoying the winter joys. And where else, if not in our native Jelgava. Soon we decided to build a common future and move to Riga together.

One autumn evening at the Liepaja Theater, David, quite unexpectedly for me, made the proposal, to which I answered “yes”. Less than a year later, on August 22, we got married. It was important for both of us to come to Jelgava on the wedding day, because everything started here and this is our home.

The Jelgava Palace gave us the opportunity and allowed us to dance our first wedding dance exactly here - in the Jelgava Palace. It was a special event - starting with the welcome of Duchess Dorothea at the Palace gate, acquaintance with the Palace and the Silver Hall, where we danced the first dance. And in addition to everything, the letters written by the newlyweds in the Golden Hall are sealed with a special wax seal of the Palace.

Monika and Deivid