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Vēstuļu darbnīcas

The Jelgava Palace is a mysterious place, wrapped in legends for hundreds of years. Various noble families lived in the Palace, and the palace experienced both wonderful and not so wonderful times. The walls of the Palace keep memories of unfulfilled, passionate and sincere love. In turn, the inhabitants of the castle, who felt pain in their heart and flying butterflies in their chest, expressed their feelings on paper. This is how love letters and poems were written - dedicated to a loved one.

The Jelgava Palace offers an exclusive opportunity for groups or weddings to organize a themed evening with Duchess Dorothea. This is an entertaining and educational program in which the Duchess of Courland and Semigallia Dorothea will help you plunge into the atmosphere of the 19th century, learn the secrets of calligraphy and prepare a surprise for your loved ones by sending a handwritten personal letter with a wax seal - an expression of love and attention - that will touch them to the core.

“These days, beautiful, well-groomed handwriting is a rare occurrence as daily correspondence takes place in an electronic environment, as a result of which the meaning of the written word and the power of thought it contains are no longer seen as valuable. In turn, in the 19th century, one of the favorite pastimes of high society representatives from youth to death was “talking in letters” with friends and relatives who were far away” - says Ginta Linite, head of the Jelgava Palace Museum.

Creative workshop "Letters of the Duchess Dorothea in the atmosphere of the 19th century":

  • creative workshop for a group of tourists from 15 people - 5 euros per person,
  • part of the wedding program - 40 euros for newlyweds.

Registration in advance is required by writing to or by calling 63005617.